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Deborah Jackson

Founder and CEO

  • Founder and CEO JumpThru
  • Former Investment Banker for 21 years
  • Health care technology
  • Angel Investor New York New Media then Golden Seeds
  • Successful exit with Merrimack Pharmaceuticals IPO 2012
  • Judge for Start Up Weekend NY, Technovation, Columbia Social Enterprise and VatorTV

Sara Chipps

Tech Diva

  • Blog
  • Co-Founder at Girl Develop It
  • Likes hanging with diverse groups, from the Girl Scouts to straight up code junkies
  • Is on a mission to show women that being a developer is fun and glamorous
  • Is a force of nature when it comes to writing awesome code and leading others to do the same

Jasmine Gao

Wildly Capable Intern

  • Eats, sleeps, and breathes video games
  • Has a profound interest in ancient civilizations (Ancient Egypt, especially), mythology, and macabre tales
  • Has a bed but never uses it (three words: World Wide Web)

Tina Gong

Graphic Designer

  • Website
  • Behance Profile
  • A designer by trade, but a doodler extraordinaire at heart.
  • Deeply interested in symbolism in all its forms, leading to a curiosity (and degree) in linguistics and formal languages.
  • Devours literature: specifically Russian, German and Japanese novels

Anna Curran

Strategic Advisor

Joan Costello

  • Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in International Fashion Merchandising Management from FIT in 2010.
  • Has experience in production, merchandising, styling, and photography.
  • Enthralled and inspired by all things fashion, travel, and technology related.

Erin Gillingham

Super Awesome Intern

  • Rising Senior at Columbia University majoring in Economics and Political Science
  • Competes for the Columbia University Track & Field and Cross Country teams
  • Enjoys reading (especially outside in the sun) and traveling

Min Jung Yoo

Super Awesome Intern

  • Undergraduate at Brown University majoring in Applied Mathematics, Economics
  • An adventurer who loves traveling, making new friends, and seeking a newness in everything!
  • Would make an awesome mom – simply loves cooking, adores kids, and just can’t fight the urge to keep everything clean.

Jumpthru Custom Art and Infographics

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