Deborah Buresh Jackson

CEO and Founder of JumpThru.  Deborah founded a new company to accelerate the success of women founded internet and tech companies.  She is seen around Silicon Alley as a judge, learner and mentor as she brings up the average age and offers hard earned wisdom on business and life where she can.  This is her second start up having founded a boutique investment bank earlier in her career.

A woman who:

  • Is inspired every day by what technology can help us do
  • Cares deeply about females founding and leading companies, and believes these companies will make the women’s lives and the world better
  • Is grateful to know many wildly capable women
  • Raised two daughters who warm her heart

Simple facts:

  • Avid lover of New York City as home for over 32 years
  • Graduated from Columbia Business School in 1980
  • Was hired by Goldman, Sachs & Co. for her first job out of business school
  • Launched a health care technology practice in 2001 as her last job on Wall Street
  • Wrote a business plan for a new company in 1990 and served as the first President
  • Served on local and national non-profit boards and fund-raising in presidential campaigns
  • Angel investor and member of Golden Seeds
  • Judge for: Vator.TV competition; Startup Weekend NYC; Technovation Challenge, and 2011 Mentor for Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator


John Castronuovo

Tech Specialist at JumpThru. John oversees the technological innovations happening at JumpThru.

A man who:

  • Is a self taught programmer
  • Is on top of the latest tech news
  • Is an ice hockey player for life (Go Devils!)

Some facts:

  • Started up a social networking site centered around live music
  • Graduated from Columbia University and studied abroad at Oxford, Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, and Malungs folkhögskola
  • Worked at both Terrace Primate Cognition Lab and Astrophysics Department at Columbia programming stereoscopic 3-D projections of galaxy formations

Sara Chipps

Consultant at JumpThru on tech and internet products. She is a rockstar programmer and co-founder of Girl Develop It.

A woman who:

  • Likes hanging with diverse groups, from the Girl Scouts to straight up code junkies
  • Is on a mission to show women that being a developer is fun and glamorous
  • Is a force of nature when it comes to writing awesome code and leading others to do the same

Simple facts:

  • Co-founded Girl Develop It in 2010 to teach women coding languages such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML and CSS——just to name a few
  • Girl Develop It has trained over 500 unique students in New York City, has 6 chapters around the world, and is on fire!
  • Is a fervent blogger, you can read it here
  • Is the best kind of friend, advisor, and CTO for early stage startups

Jasmine Gao

A wildly capable JumpThru intern.  Jasmine is an entrepreneur at heart and is always looking for new opportunities.

A woman who:

  • Eats, sleeps, and breathes video games
  • Has a profound interest in ancient civilizations (Ancient Egypt, especially), mythology, and macabre tales
  • Has a bed but never uses it (three words: World Wide Web)

Some facts:

  • Is a freshman at Baruch College with a desire to major Finance and minor in Computer Science
  • Spent 4 months at Google creating a prototype and business plan for her Android application “Trending”, a fashion aggregator that collects and organizes trends, and placed second at the NYC Technovation Challenge held at Google
  • Placed first in her high school investment competition after delivering a financial analysis of Intel Corporation to a $5B hedge fund manager and his colleagues

Tina Gong

An incredibly talented designer at JumpThru.  She believes that good design is a key factor to shaping cultures for the better.

A woman who:

  • Loves art and design in all forms
  • Is a perfectionist to the very last pixel or dot when it comes to drawing or designing
  • Devours literature: specifically Russian, German and Japanese novels

Some facts:

  • Graduated Cum Laude from NYU Gallatin, choosing to design her own major, and studied abroad at University of Bonn.
  • Has exhibited works in Gallatin Arts Festival 2009 and 2011
  • Interned and later worked at an Advertising Agency called Girlapproved
  • Lived in Germany and South Africa as a child

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